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4 Signs It’s Time to Replace Your Ceiling Fan

Like any home appliance, ceiling fans wear out as they age. Motors can quit working, wires can become loose or broken, and blades can become worn. In addition, new ceiling fan models come out yearly, many of which offer energy saving features that could reduce your electric bill and make your home more environmentally friendly. 

If you’re wondering whether it’s time to replace a ceiling fan, look for these four signs.

1. Your Ceiling Fan is Making Unusual Sounds

Has your ceiling fan started to make new or unusual sounds? It might be time to upgrade if you hear:

  • Annoying buzzing that develops after a few years
  • Squeaky sound coming from the fan, even after oiling
  • Grinding of the blades 
  • Any other suspicious sound your fan usually doesn’t make

Some noises might be attributed to loose screws or the need for oil, so look for these issues first. However, these sounds are often associated with broken motors, old pieces that are no longer efficient, and other issues that come with age.

2. Your Ceiling Fan is Shaking

Noticing your ceiling fan is shaking can be alarming, and a sign it’s time to upgrade to a newer model. However, it is important to rule out certain curable issues first. A wobble typically indicates an imbalance of the blades caused by:

  • Build up of dust on the blades
  • Loose screws that mount the blades to the body of the fan
  • Misalignment of the blades

If you address these issues and the wobble continues, there is a bigger issue at hand and it is time to start looking for a new ceiling fan.

3. You’re Ready to Improve Your Energy Efficiency

If it’s on the older side, it might be a great time to replace your ceiling fan with a more energy efficient option. Ceiling fans, especially ENERGY STAR-rated ceiling fans can improve your home energy usage, reducing your carbon footprint and saving on electricity bills. In fact, replacing an older fan with a newer energy efficient ceiling fan can provide extensive benefits, such as the following:

  • Reduce your heating and cooling bills
  • Reduce waste, since newer ceiling fans last longer than older models
  • Reduce energy bills for lighting by buying a ceiling fan with LED or CFL lights

When looking for an energy efficient ceiling fan, look at two factors:

If you’re unhappy with the size of your energy bill or simply looking for things you can do at home to reduce your carbon footprint, consider a new ceiling fan. An energy efficient option could be worth the cost savings in the long run, providing lots of benefits.

4. Your Ceiling Fan is Out of Style

A ceiling fan can truly be a focal point in a room, so you want it to fit your decorating style. Like anything else, ceiling fans go out of style over time. Dan’s Fan City stocks a wide range of indoor and outdoor ceiling fans in the latest designs with on-trend finishes like brushed nickel and oil rubbed bronze. Whether you want a more ornate style or a sleek, minimalist look, you can find the right ceiling fan for your home. 

Ceiling fans are functional, essential fixtures, and it is important to upgrade yours from time to time. Whether your current ceiling fan no longer works properly, or it’s just time for a change, replacing your ceiling fan can have a significant impact on your home. No matter what design you’re looking for, we have popular brands and custom options for you here at Dan’s Fan City. Our experts are here to guide you through fan replacement, and can offer credible insight into your fan upgrades.

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